IMG_1431Jess has done everything from sales to copy writing to managing interactive teams that build first class websites for a variety of brands and start-ups. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies to help them engage their most important internal and external stakeholders through branding, marketing, social media, and integrated media campaigns. She is currently the Vice President of Consulting Services at 10up, a distributed, multidisciplinary web agency that leverages open technologies to create beautiful, usable, web applications for clients such as Time, ESPN,  Google, Global News, and EMC.

Hailing from the West Coast (of Florida, that is) with brief stints in Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts, and now Wisconsin. Jess considers herself a rare Florida native with the heart of a Mid-Westerner. In her spare time she enjoys plenty of puppy snuggles from the incomparable Lucy, journeys for the best Mexican food in Milwaukee, skiing, and traveling (but not flying).

You can contact Jess via email at jessjurick@yahoo.com or on her cell phone at 920-248-9174.