Refresh Lauderdale and Refresh Miami Team Up for Demo Night

Last night Refresh Miami and Refresh Lauderdale hosted a joint meet-up at FAU for an Ignite-style Demo night, featuring Jonathan Bradley from, Jonathan Marcus from, and Mike Cuesta from

Here’s the breakdown of what these kids were selling:

Essentially a multimedia version of FML where you can post epic monologues (500+ characters allowed), photos, and videos to embarrass anyone you feels deserves it. Why anyone would devote this much time to poking fun at someone else’s stupidity I’m not sure, but the founder is pretty excited about the idea. At this point it’s more of a basement project than a real live start up, but Johnathan had some great input in regards to best practices for rapid development so you can get your idea out there quickly, namely using an existing framework for your site that you can build off of, instead of going with a custom solution.

Oh, Flavors. I don’t want to like you. You remind me of those trendy kids with haircuts that don’t make sense, neon closets, and peculiar piercings. Alas, I kind of love you. Flavors is a great solution for anyone looking to aggregate their social web presence. Free accounts allow you to aggregate your social feeds from 4 different sources, while the $20 a year accounts let you aggregate from over 20 + sources like Etsy, any popular blogging platform, YouTube, Twitter, etc. It’s an easy, stylish solution for all of you life-streamers out there and a unique way to build a portfolio site for all of you social media job seekers.

I don’t claim to understand the intricacies of the CareCloud product, but I totally dig the effort CareCloud has put into streamlining the online user experience for patients, doctors and insurance companies so they can, as Mike Cuesta so elegantly put, “communicate on a human level, and transact on a business level.” There was an audible gasp with Mike said the project has over 4.5 million dollars in funding, making it the stand out, all-star start up of the night. It’s apparent that these guys are on to something, especially with the Obama administration’s push to get medical records online. I appreciated Mike’s thorough knowledge of the product. He’s pretty dev savvy for a UX guy.

Overall, the combo Refesh meetup was a great success. Would love to see more of these in the future.

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