The At-Home Fashion Show Goes Social

We all learn at a young age what “hauling” is, typically around the hectic “Back to School” time of year. Our parents loaded us up, took us to the mall, and piled clothes, school supplies, and other must-haves into the shopping cart(s). Mom swiped the credit card, Dad cringed at the price tag, and we got to show off our new outfits and gear in the all-important at-home fashion show.

Some of us grow out of our “hauling” habits as we get older, but most of us maintain them, whether it’s a Friday shopping spree at Macy’s or a snack food overload at CVS. I’ve often felt guilty about my own hauls at Forever 21 as I pile the extra large shopping bags into my little Honda.

But today I found out I’m not alone. An army of 14-18 year old girls are taking their hauls and their at-home fashion shows online in impressive numbers, creating 5-8 minute vlogs documenting their purchases. And they not only have viewers (one of the more popular videos has almost 800,000 views) they have fans who tweet in with questions and requests.

NPR claims that several thousand “hauling” vlogs are uploaded every month in an excessive flood of “Materialistic PG Porn” for young girls. Glamour takes a different angle, suggesting that is oddly rewarding to get an inside peek into a stranger’s closet, as well as getting some insider info on sales and best buys at our favorite stores.

Whatever your opinion, savvy retailers are noticing and partnering with some of their more influential “hauling” vloggers. JC Penney will partner with a group of vloggers to promote Back to School sales and build relationships with the young female demographic.

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