Tips for your Startup

Tonight at Refresh Ft. Lauderdale Ulises Orozco from “We are Silicon Beach” recorded a live panel from Refresh Ft. Lauderdale. It was a great conversation about top tips for people diving into the start up world. Here are some of the best questions and the tips from the panel.

How can you do/use market research to identify if there is a need for your idea?

Keep it simple. You can purchase some Google Adwords that have to do with your idea and see if people click them. If people are finding your idea through search that’s a great sign that you’re on to something.

Develop a prototype that you can let users try out. People aren’t always honest when you ask them a question, but if you watch them use your product you get a first hand look at where it succeeds and fails.

How can you find cheap freelancers to outsource some of your work?

This question was met with a couple of groans, undoubtedly because some of the devs in the room find their hourly rate shrinking because of outsourcing, but in general: and

There was also some great stories about the trials and tribulations of the start up world. It was nice to see the Lauderdale group getting back to Refresh’s roots: startups.

Good times all around and this was my first mobile blog post!

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